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Marvel LeadScanner app privacy policy


This privacy and security statement tells you how we, Marvel The Databadge Company, deal with information, personal and otherwise, collected with our LeadScanner app. Our LeadScanner app is available via Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices.

We provide registration services to our clients, the organizers of professional trade shows, consumer exhibitions and conferences. Our LeadScanner app and its backend software is part of the services we offer. The LeadScanner app is targeted at exhibitors at these events and is a tool to collect information from visitors to the exhibitor's booth in a quick and practical manner.

All visitors have a personal badge with a barcode that links to visitor information that the exhibitor might need to evaluate and contact the person that visited his booth. When a visitor approaches the exhibitor for information or services the visitor may offer their personal badge for scanning. The scanned QR barcode always includes basic information, such as the company name, contact person and address details, but often also the answers to the questionaires that the visitor answered at the time of registration for the event. This extra information may include information about company position, company size, authorisation and areas of interest. In fact, the barcode offers a complete profile of the visitor and the organisation that he or she represents. The exhibitor may augment the visitor profile by adding qualifiers and notes.

The visitor data is conveniently collected with the LeadScanner app on the event floor and transferred to the Marvel backend servers. Data can be downloaded at any time from a web portal either run by Marvel or the organizer of the event. Only information of visitors scanned by the exhibitor on the event floor is available to the exhibitor's office.

Data use and privacy

The data we collect is owned by our client and is covered by the privacy policy of that particular event. There may be different privacy policies for the visitor visiting the registration website and for the exhibitor participating in an event.

Marvel will not use exhibitor or visitor information for any secondary communication unless authorized by our client, nor will we share any information we collect with any third party. All the information we receive is kept private, including names, addresses and profile information.


The LeadScanner app is free to install but only usable for those events for which Marvel provides registration services. The app must be activated before it can be used. For many events a number of activation codes may be included in the exhibitor's event participation fees, otherwise a fee may be charged for (extra) activation codes for the app by Marvel or the event's organizers. The app or any other badge reading equipment that may be available at an event is never compulsory to use. Classical exchange of business cards or address information will always be possible.

The app does not contain any advertising.

The app does not contain any in-app billing or in-app purchases.

App permissions

On Android devices the LeadScanner app will only ask for permission to use the camera and internet access when it is installed. The camera is needed by the app to scan QR barcodes on visitor badges. Internet access is needed to communicate with Marvel backend servers only.

The LeadScanner app needs internet access (via mobile data or WiFi) only to connect to the Marvel backend servers and consumes only a small data volume (less than 5000 bytes per scanned badge and typically less that 300 Kbytes for one-time activation). When Internet access is interrupted only basic information from the badge is available to the app, but as soon as access is restored the full visitor profile will be available after that. Care must be taken that the app can communicate with the Marvel backend servers at the end of the event so all data from the LeadScanner app can be downloaded from the exhibitor web portal. Visitor data can be browsed through in the app but can not be exported from the app. All data is exchanged over encrypted connections.

Not granting these permissions wil render the LeadScanner app completely useless.

If you do not consent to the terms of this policy, please do not use the LeadScanner app.

Changes to our privacy policy

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter this Policy at any time. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page, so please review it periodically. We may provide you additional forms of notice of modifications or updates as appropriate under the circumstances.

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